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• Scalp gel • Absolute Cleanser • Deep Wrap • Hydrating Gloss

Hair Condition

Dry, brittle, weak, damaged, or chemically overprocessed hair.


  • Adds moisture.
  • Functions as Cuticle Sealer.
  • Maintains pH balance.
  • Powerful deep penetrating reconstructor.

Key Ingredients

  • Hydrolyzed Hair Keratin: This is a compound that can reverse the damage done to keratin. It also boosts hair moisture and elasticity and protects it from heat and photodamage.
  • Citric Acid : Reduces seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff & renders the hair shinier.
  • Amino Acids Complex: maintains hair health, tensile strength, hair density, and shine. Essential and non-essential amino acids combine to form various types of proteins. One of these proteins is keratin, the major component of hair fiber.
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice: Aloe vera has many active ingredients and minerals that can help strengthen your hair. It has fatty acids and amino acids and is rich in vitamins A, B12, C, and E. These play a part in healthy hair follicles.

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Professional Application

  1. Apply Scalp Gel on the scalp in thin half-inch sections. Massage gently for 3-5mins.
  2. Apply Absolute Cleanser on the scalp and spray some water over the scalp. Massage for 3-5mins and gently rinse step 1 & step 2 products.
  3. Apply Deep Wrap on wet hair using a brush. Take thin 1-inch sections for this step. Steam the hair & leave it for 15-20mins. Rinse hair thoroughly.
  4. For best results towel dry the hair and apply Hydrating Gloss on hair length. Leave it on.
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