GreenZpa Whitening & Anti-Ageing


La Vivo’s GreenZpa Facial #Anti-Ageing|Whitening# improves skin metabolism and stimulates blood circulation that in turn improves the skin’s capacity to regenerate and repair with increased collagen synthesis. The facial gives instant fairness, lightens skin and prevents further melanin synthesis. It also hydrates the skin making it soft, smooth and supple, enhances its barrier function and inhibits further melanin synthesis.

  • GreenZpa Anti-Ageing|Whitening Cleanser
  • GreenZpa Anti-Ageing |Whitening Mineral Salt
  • GreenZpa Anti-Ageing|Whitening Hydrator
  • GreenZpa Anti-Ageing|Whitening Gel
  • GreenZpa Anti-Ageing |Whitening MASQUE
  • GreenZpa Anti-Ageing |Whitening SPF

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Fairness & Anti-Ageing

Darkened & Mature Skin

All skin types except sensitive

Skin Firming and Hydrating – Healthily