BluZpa Nourishing


La La Vivo’s BlueZpa Facial #Nourishing# facial uses a mixture of various minerals and marine extracts derived from sea and nourishes the skin. This Personalized SkinCareSystem kit makes skin look radiant while replenishing the depleted nutrients. Marine extracts derived from nature are easily absorbed and the results stay longer without side-effects. This treatment is suitable for dry to normal skin. La Vivo’s BlueZpa Facial #Nourishing# comes in an easy to use facial kit packed in a pouch. Included on the backside of kit is simple, easy to use directions, which makes it the choice product for first timers.

  • BlueZpa Nourishing Cleanser
  • BlueZpa Nourishing Mineral Salt
  • BlueZpa Nourishing Hydrator
  • BlueZpa Nourishing Gel
  • BlueZpa Nourishing Moisturizing Cream
  • BlueZpa Nourishing MASQUE
  • BlueZpa Nourishing SPF

  • Product Advantage
  • Product Pre-Condition
  • Product Skin Type
  • Product Facial Unique Proposition

Nourishment & Glow

Flaky Dull Tanned Skin

Dry to Normal skin

Skin Brightening and Nourishing – Healthily