BluZpa Anti-Acne


La Vivo’s BlueZpa Facial #Anti-Acne# is a facial for oily skin without acne. It controls the secretion of sebum while also ensuring that epidermal dead skin is removed. This keeps the pores clean and unblocked, permitting oxygen to penetrate deep into the hair follicle and prevent the proliferation of acne causing bacteria. This facial also refines the skin’s texture, reduces open pores and instantly lightens the skin, giving it a bright appearance.

  • BlueZpa Anti-Acne Cleanser
  • BlueZpa Anti-Acne Mineral Salt
  • BlueZpa Anti-Acne Hydrator
  • BlueZpa Anti-Acne Gel
  • BlueZpa Whitening Cream
  • BlueZpa Whitening MASQUE
  • BlueZpa Whitening SPF

  • Product Advantage
  • Product Pre-Condition
  • Product Facial Unique Proposition

Oil Control

Enlarged pores, uneven skin tone

Skin Brightening and Nourishing – Healthily